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Expert Electrical is a comprehensive electrical company with a drive to provide clients and partners with the highest level of customer service and professionalism. 


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About Us

Here at Expert Electrical Tasmania we aim to provide you with good gear, good value, and good service. We have cultivated several Tasmanian high quality, and exclusive, partnerships for your solar power options. These partnerships allow us to install the best solar systems possible. Being based in New Norfolk, just up the river from Hobart, we know Tasmania’s solar needs.

“The Best in the Business” 

Our Aim

At Expert Electrical Tasmania, we have three aims for your solar power. We want to provide you with good gear, good value, and good service. These three aims allow us, and you, to look to the long-term future of solar power instead of short-lived solar systems. 

We do not claim to be the cheapest, and for good reason, we choose the best stock for the price. Our Tasmanian exclusive partnerships offers you the industry’s best product warranty with market leading products. 

Our full product line is open for you to choose from and we will not press you into installing a solar system that you do not need. We believe that your judgement, our advice, and the products themselves are more than enough for you to decide what best suits your solar needs. Our installations are completed to leave you with the best solar system possible. 

We want to be a part of your responsible energy generation and use, and we believe our solar power systems can help you with that. Whether you want to reduce the collective reliance on base load energy production, see financial returns on your energy use within 3-6 years, or assist in power generation for you and your community, Expert Electrical Tasmania can help you.


Solar energy is sustainable and renewable, and it doesn’t release any emissions, making it an ally of the environment.

Various additions can be included to make futher use of your energy generation: Batteries allow for felxible energy use or backup power. Electric vehicle chargers can keep you moving. Energy meters give real time data as to where your energy is coming from and going to.


Off-grid systems help you minimise your carbon footprint and save on electricity costs. We recommend lithium batteries for off-grid set ups and back up generators.

Heat Pump and Hot Water

Heat pump split systems’ popularity comes from their ease of install, minimal cost, and their small space requirements.

Air/water heat pump water systems extract heat from the air to assist in heating water and maintaining the water temperature.

Battery Storage

While your panels soak up the most amount of sun during the day, the typical household uses the most energy at night. Battery storage means you can use electricity after you’ve stored it for those evenings or during blackouts.

The Team

Scott Logie

Founder and Director

Before getting involved in solar, Scott owned, ran, and made Black Mountain Ice Cream. He has always had a passion for using the best materials and giving the best possible service. After teaming up with Ben from our sister company Scott has shown that he is one of the most knowledgeable people around when it comes to grid connect and off-grid solar.

Tony Prince

Operations Manager and System Support

Tony first came into contact with the Solar Energy Sector through retail, and quickly moved into commercial sales and wholesale sales. He was responsible for training electricians and solar retailers about various solar products. His wealth of knowledge about solar products and a firm understanding of the industry in general places you in capable hands.

Carson McQuarrie

Technical Representative

The resident Canadian, coach, and endurance athlete. He came to Expert Electrical Tasmania from a national solar company. This allows him to offer you (and us) his nation wide experience to our local community. You will find him to be professional, very polite, honest, and organised. Quite frankly, he should coach the rest of us on these fronts.

Jake North-McGowan

Electrical Contracting Manager and Co-Director

You may know Jake from his own electrical company North Power where he provided general electrical services. He has brought his skilled hands over to the solar industry with Expert Electrical Tasmania. Not only does he still offer general electrical services he makes sure the installations look good, are safe, and provide the best energy generation possible.

Christopher Belbin


“Chris” is the man you will all chat with when you start your solar journey. Our trained agronomist, with the company’s best beard, will settle you in with us and check in with you throughout your solar journey. He is our man to manage the scheduling, the paperwork, the phones, the emails, and his own days off (but only when we can get by without him).

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