Heat Pumps

Split System Air Conditioning

Heat pumps are the most popular choice for small or specific areas that require heating and cooling. Their popularity comes from their ease of install, minimal cost, and their small space requirements. The Heat pump (condenser) is placed outside of the home in a discreet place and the internal portion of the system comes in a range of stylish designs that can work with the decor inside of your home. They can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, console, or bulkhead.

Heat Pump Hot Water Service

Heat Pump Hot Water is an extremely cost effective way of storing solar energy as thermal energy. With the Steibel Eltron hot water service attached to an SMA controlled Solar PV System and SMA Home Energy Manager 2.0 you can use the excess solar produced throughout the day to heat your hot water ready for when you need it. The Steibel Eltron WWK 302H is currently eligible for 34 STC’s which is more than conventional Solar Hot water systems and at a fraction of the price of solar hot water it makes sound financial sense.

Daikin Air Conditioning

As specialists in air conditioning that is all Daikin do. Their products are designed to provide clean, efficient, and superior comfort in the places we live, work and play. Being Australian made they understand the climate and Australians’ needs which has them one of the most, if not the most, trusted companies for air conditioning. Daikin offer a 5 year product warranty.


Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Our Stiebal Eltron partnership allows us to offer Tasmanians their WWK 302 H hot water system that fully integrates into our Solar Systems. This design extracts heat from the air to assist in heating water and maintaining the water temperature which reduces the energy requirements. The Stiebel Eltron WWK 302 H comes with a 2 – 5 year product warranty.


At Expert Electrical we know how overwhelming choosing a solar system can be so we’ve collated all of our knowledge into our handy Solar Cheat Sheet so you can be an expert too.


What are the advantages of split system air conditioning?

Heat pumps are cost effective in their installation, heating, and cooling. They can cool one or more areas of your home but these systems are ideal for heating and cooling one room like your living room or bedroom. When it comes to Heat pumps it’s essential to get the correct advice; areas of different sizes need units of different sizes and specific installation requirements. Our Expert Electrical Tasmania consultants can visit your home or office to discuss your best options.

What are the advantages of a heat pump hot water system?

Hot water heat pump can easily be incorporated into a home’s solar PV system for completely renewable electric hot water boosts. The entire system is incorporated into one standalone component, making it incredibly easy to install and operate on property sizes of all dimensions. Hot water heat pump can make use of the ambient heat in the air even in temperatures as low as -5°C without an element. The heat pumps have an active defrost function that can control any icing that occurs at lower air temperatures.

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